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Brandon, FL patients who have been diagnosed with conditions such as TMJ syndrome, or TMD, are often looking for relief from the discomfort they feel every day. TMJ/TMD is a chronic problem that can impact patients in many ways. Some of the more common symptoms of this condition include:

  • Chronic headaches and migraines
  • Pain and discomfort around the jaw joint and muscles
  • Clicking and popping of the jaw joint when opening and closing
  • Lockjaw in the open or closed position
  • Pain from the ears down through the neck and shoulders
  • Chronic discomfort that can be difficult to manage with over-the-counter pain medications

Dr. Trevor Williams is a dentist who can not only help patients get a definitive diagnosis of their condition but can also provide TMJ pain relief and treatment using a variety of methods. Below are just a few of the recommendations that may be made for patients who have TMJ/TMD symptoms:

  • Pain management. For some patients, the problems with their temporomandibular joint are minor. In situations such as this, our dental team may recommend the use of anti-inflammatory medications to help ease discomfort that may be caused by TMD.
  • Certain therapies performed daily at home can help reduce problems associated with TMD, including biofeedback, physical therapy, specific stretching exercises, and even acupuncture.
  • Appliances and devices. Sometimes, the condition can be bothersome enough to require the use of certain devices. These may include mouthguards, prosthodontics, and splints. They can ease the tension in the joint and address common symptoms.
  • Self-care. For some patients, simple self-care and relaxation techniques can help, especially if the condition flares up during periods of high stress and anxiety.
  • As a last resort, patients with severe TMD that does not resolve with the above solutions may need to ask their dentist about surgical interventions for relief.

Find out more about treatment options for TMJ/TMD

Patients in the area of Brandon, Florida who have been diagnosed with TMJ disorder and are seeking solutions for pain relief are encouraged to call Williams Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Trevor Williams can be reached by calling (813) 560-0447 and is located at 510 Vonderburg Drive, Suite #211. He welcomes new patients from in and around the surrounding communities of Valrico, Riverview, Lithia, Apollo Beach, Sun City Center, Plant City and Tampa,  FL.