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There are several dental treatments that are known by the community of Brandon, FL as uncomfortable procedures. However, this is rarely the case! Dr. Trevor Williams and his team at Williams Family and Cosmetic Dentistry work hard to ensure patients are comfortable before, during, and after their dental procedures. When patients are in need of certain treatments such as root canal, they are often excited to learn that this non-surgical procedure can help in restoring the health of a tooth while avoiding the need for permanent extraction.

What is a non-surgical root canal treatment?

This procedure, or endodontic treatment, is commonly performed at the practice of Dr. Trevor Williams. First, patients are made comfortable with local anesthetics and sedation if needed. Then, special instruments are used to access the inner canals of the tooth where the dental pulp resides. This pulp is removed and the inside canals are disinfected to address any possible bacteria. Once this has been completed, the dentist will fill the canals with gutta percha, a rubbery material, and seal the tooth with composite resin bonding. In doing so, the tooth is protected from further bacteria. Because this procedure might weaken the natural tooth structure, a dental crown is often placed over the top as an extra layer of protection.

What are the benefits of non-surgical root canal treatment?

This treatment is often suggested because it is:

  • Simple and easy to undergo
  • Painless with proper anesthetics and sedation
  • A way to avoid the permanent extraction of a natural tooth
  • Highly successful in maintaining a natural tooth
  • The best solution to avoid further damage
  • Affordable and often covered by dental insurance
  • A reliable and predictable treatment to prevent permanent damage
  • Performed by experienced dental professionals

Learn more about restoring your tooth with a non-surgical root canal treatment

Endodontic therapy may be necessary in many situations that can arise. It is best that patients book an appointment with the team at Williams Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Brandon, Florida to discuss their needs. Call (813) 560-0447 to get started determining your dental needs with Dr. Trevor Williams and his team!


How long does root canal therapy take?

A simple root canal procedure may normally require one appointment of between 30 and 60 minutes. More serious cases could take longer than 90 minutes and a second appointment. The time depends on the number of canals to be cleaned and the type of tooth requiring treatment. 

Is root canal therapy painful?

It’s no more uncomfortable or painful than a normal filling. It actually helps ease the pain of a tooth infection. The local area is numbed during treatment to ensure a pain-free experience.

Is it a necessary procedure? 

Teeth can’t heal themselves, unlike other parts of the body. If ignored, infection and inflammation can spread to other teeth, other areas of the mouth, or even other body tissues. A root canal is the only way to remove the infected pulp and clean and preserve a natural tooth. The other alternative is tooth extraction, which is more invasive, painful, time-consuming, and expensive as the extracted tooth must be replaced too. 

Would this procedure weaken my teeth? 

The overall structure of the tooth will be weakened after the procedure as the tooth’s inner pulp is removed. But restorations like crowns or onlays can reinforce it. Talk to Dr. Williams if you have any concerns in this regard.

Are there any foods I should avoid after a root canal?

Very hot and cold foods and drinks; sticky foods like gum, candy, and caramel; chewy foods like steak and crusty bread; crunchy foods like pretzels and tortilla chips; and hard foods like nuts should be avoided for a while post-treatment.