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Many patients in Brandon, Florida have heard of wisdom teeth removal. However, they may not understand the purpose or the reason behind tooth extractions such as this. Dr. Trevor Williams of Williams Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is committed to educating patients on ways in which they can maintain their oral health and wellness. For some patients, this involves the removal of the wisdom teeth.

Understanding the wisdom teeth

The wisdom teeth, or “third molars,” are the very last teeth to develop in the mouth. They typically erupt through the gumline in the late teen years or early adulthood, at which point they often crowd the existing teeth. Other times, they may become stuck or “impacted” and require surgical extraction to alleviate pain. Wisdom teeth are not necessary, so extraction of these molars is common.

Types of molar extraction

There are two ways in which Dr. Trevor Williams may remove teeth:

  • Simple extraction – teeth that have already come through the gum line can be removed with simple extraction. This is done within just minutes in the dental chair. Patients are properly anesthetized and sedated for their procedure to ensure comfort. Most patients will heal quickly after simple extractions, normally within a period of a few days due to the conservative removal used for this procedure.
  • Surgical extraction – teeth that are underneath the gumline or teeth that are broken down, will require surgical extraction. This is the removal of the teeth by cutting into the gum tissues and manually removing the tooth from the bone of the jaw. This procedure is more invasive but is done with proper anesthesia to ensure patients are comfortable from start to finish. Surgical extractions do require more healing and recovery time when compared with simple extractions but are sometimes necessary when patients are experiencing problems associated with tooth loss.

Learn more about dental extractions with Dr. Trevor Williams

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