can restore your teeth to their former radiance!

Non-surgical root canal therapy in Brandon, Florida,

Dr. Trevor Williams

we can improve your smile's appearance while revitalizing your dental health pleasantly and painlessly.

At Williams Family and Cosmetic Dentistry,

If you require specific treatments,

which can help restore the health of a tooth while avoiding the need for permanent extraction.

such as a root canal, we are pleased to offer this non-surgical procedure, 

It is no more uncomfortable than a regular filling. During the treatment, the surrounding area will be numbed, providing you with a pain-free experience while the work is completed.

Is a non-surgical root canal painful?


Removing the inner section of the tooth weakens the tooth's overall structure. However, it can be strengthened with dental restorations such as a dental crown. We will provide the appropriate treatment to ensure the strength of your tooth.

Is a non-surgical root canal going to make my tooth weaker?


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