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November, 2022

Dental Crowns in Brandon, Florida!

By Dr. Trevor Williams

We provide patients with long-lasting porcelain or ceramic composite dental crowns to protect and repair their teeth at

Williams Family and Cosmetic Dentistry.

A crown can be made to fit over the abutment of a dental implant as a tooth replacement option, or it can be made to bond over a tooth severely damaged by decay, disease, or injury.

FAQ - How do dental crowns function?

Porcelain crowns typically last at least 15 years with proper care and maintenance, and crowns can last for 20 years or more.

FAQ - How long will my dental crown last?

help repair teeth that have been damaged above the gum line, broken, or worn down, and allow you to smile confidently. Nobody will be able to tell that you have a dental crown!

Dental crowns,

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